The Third Strategic Transformation
Huikou Hospital
Listed in 1992, Huizhou Stomatological Hospital is affiliated to Medical College of Jinan University, a key comprehensive university of China’s “211 Project” directly subordinate to Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and is a large-scale and strong specialized stomatological hospital in east Guangdong region. It is an affiliated institution of Huizhou Stomatological Association, a designated medical institution of Huizhou social security, a health care expert institution of Huizhou Municipal Committee, a dental disease prevention and control steering group of Huizhou City, an assistance institution of common disease prevention and control for Huizhou primary and secondary school students, an advanced institution of Huizhou talent work, a training base for Wuhan University’s graduates, Guangdong general higher medical college teaching hospital, “oral implantology technology demonstration organization” and a national humanities medicine skills training base.

Huizhou Stomatological Hospital is a large-scale and strong specialized stomatological hospital in east Guangdong region, with one general hospital and seven branches, including Jiangbei, Zhongkai, Maidi, Boluo, Dongping, Danshui and Yiwu of Zhejiang, with a total construction area of about 15,000m2 and more than 260 treatment chairs. The Hospital has a strong expert team led by doctors, masters, chief physicians and deputy chief physicians, including 3 research supervisors, 16 directors and deputy chief physicians, 52 visiting staff, 4 members of the National Oral Professional Committee and more than 15 members of the Guangdong Oral Professional Committee, and has won nearly 30 first, second and third prizes for scientific research progress at the provincial and municipal levels.
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