The Third Strategic Transformation
Lu Daopei Hospital
Lu Daopei Medical Group™ is a private medical group founded by Academician Lu Daopei at the turn of the century, which has been focusing on the treatment, scientific research and teaching of blood diseases and tumors. After more than ten years of unremitting efforts, it has now developed into five medical institutions, including Hebei Yanda Lu Daopei Hospital, Beijing Lu Daopei Hospital, Beijing Lu Daopei Blood Disease Hospital, Lu Daopei Blood Disease Research Institute and Shanghai Daopei Hospital.

Lu Daopei Medical Group™ has more than 700 beds and 90 100-class laminar flow sterile wards. There are more than 300 people of medical teams led by Academician Lu, including some outstanding professor-level doctoral supervisors in the industry and young talents making contributions, such as doctors and masters. Lu Daopei Medical Group™ also has well-trained testing, nursing, nutrition, rehabilitation, administration, logistics, social services and other talents teams, and are always ready to serve patients based on the purpose of “all for patients”.

As one of the most active hematopoietic stem cell transplantation centers in the world, Lu Daopei Medical Group™ completes approximately 10% of the total number of hematopoietic stem cell transplantations in China each year, and also completes the most cases of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation of refractory relapse and salvage each year in China, so that the result of related half-identical transplantation compares favorably with that of unrelated transplantation and compatriot matched transplantation. In 2018, there were 773 cases of transplantation, of which more than 70% were related half-identical transplantation.

With an open mind, Lu Daopei Medical Team has been actively making academic exchanges and international cooperation. Linking top medical technology, the most cutting-edge medical research, the most effective medical process and the most humanized medical service, it has actively established a first-class private medical group in China in terms of medical treatment, research and teaching.

After finding the huge commercial value of Academician Lu Daopei and his team, Feishang Group invested in it in an all-round way, so that Lu Daopei Medical Group rapidly developed into the world’s largest and most advanced blood disease hospital. With the top blood disease diagnosis and treatment teams led by Academician Lu Daopei in China, the Hospital has implemented more than 1000 cases of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation since its establishment, most of which belong to high-risk cases, such as refractory and relapse cases, and its success rate of implantation and overall survival rate has reached the international leading levels of 99.67% and over 70% respectively.
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