The First Strategic Transformation
Huaihe Energy
Founded in November 2000, Huaihe Energy (Group) Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Anhui Wanjiang Logistics (Group) Co., Ltd., which was renamed officially in September 2019) was initiated and formed by the restructuring of the former Wuhu Port Administration. Now, it is a state-owned listed company controlled by Huainan Mining Group. The company is a national AAAA-level logistics enterprise, and has been awarded the honorary title of Anhui Civilized Organization for five consecutive years. In the 2018 Top 500 Asian Brands, the company ranked the 366th place with a brand value of RMB 21.388 billion.

In 2016, the company completed major asset restructuring, in which a part of the assets of the coal and power business segments of the controlling shareholder Huainan Mining Group were injected into the listed company, and this opened a new chapter of high-quality development of “energy + logistics”. In 2019, the company integrated the port assets into Anhui Port Operation Group wish shareholding ratio of 33.368%.

The company has main businesses of railway transportation, power generation and production, coal trade and electricity sales. Currently, it has railway transportation branches and wholly-owned subsidiaries, such as Huaikuang Power Generation Company, Huaikuang Power Sales Company and Huaikuang Power Generation Company, holding subsidiaries, such as Huaihu Coal Power Company (50.43%), equal shareholding subsidiaries, such as Zhenjiang Donggang Company (50%) and participating companies, such as Huaihu Power Company (49%) and Anhui Port Operation Group (33.368%) . In 2018, the operating revenue was RMB 11.088 billion and the net profit was RMB 416 million.
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