The First Strategic Transformation
Dongbai Group
Fujian Dongbai Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dongbai Group”) is a listed company in Shanghai Stock Exchange( stock code : 600693).

Dongbai Group, as a leading business enterprise with a history of 62 years in Fujian Province, has gone through the reform and listing of state-owned enterprises, group management, the chain-orientation and the great-leap-forward development, and now has developed into a large-scale business group driven by dual wheels of “commercial retail + warehousing logistics” under the drive of the vision of “inheritance, innovation, integration and creation of a century-old enterprise” and entered into the scale-economy stage.

Based on 62 years of business operation experience, Dongbai Group has built a professional team in the field of investment promotion and operation, which lays a solid foundation for the development strategy of “making the business stronger in Fujian, and moving towards the whole country” and light asset management output of commercial retail. Meanwhile, Dongbai Group’s second pillar industry - warehousing and logistics has also attracted management talents from well-known logistics enterprises to accelerate specialized development.

With commercial retail as the core cornerstone and warehousing and logistics as the driving force for sailing, Dongbai Group, as a service provider of modern life, fast responds to full-time consumption demand, following the right direction. In the future, Dongbai Group will further build the supply chain system, and realize all-domain and all-channel consumption solutions and high-quality development of the whole industrial chain.
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